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Locally produced products always taste better.

Starseed Bakery

Starseed Bakery – Rockaway, NJ

“Careful consideration is given to every ingredient to ensure that we are nurturing our customers with quality food and supporting our local community and economy. We source many of our ingredients from local farms and organic suppliers and we do not cut corners. If we are skeptical about the quality of any ingredient, we simply do not use it. In a globalized world where even “natural” food is over-processed, our customers can feel confident that what they are eating is healthy, delicious, and wholesome.”

Lux Naturals Lux Naturals – Edison, NJ

“Encouraged by rave review from family and friends we decided to turn our hobby and passion of making soap and natural products into a business. Our goal was to not only use the best ingredients and make the most luxurious products out there, but to show that naturals products don’t have to be boring. We have been able to build a business doing what we love and making products we truly believe in.”

HyWater Honey WaterHyWater Honey Water – Kinnelon, NJ

This family is amazing and their product is amazing! We absolutely love working with HyWater Honey Water and there is no doubt that their product is something to BUZZZZ about! Not only is it light and refreshing but it’s naturally detoxifying and filled with antioxidants!


MoPweeze BakeryMo’Pweeze – Denville, NJ

Mo’Pweeze Bakery is an allergen free bakery that produces products that are free of the TOP 8 main allergens. They bake tasty and delectable treats likecupcakes, cakes, breads, cookies and pies that are just as indulgent as regular bakery items!


Moe Mountain Hot SauceMoe Mountain Hot Sauce – West Milford, NJ

The ‘faint of taste buds’ should beware! This hot sauce is not your average hot sauce. Their unique blend of natural ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar and ‘good for you spices’ like cumin and the legendary bhut jolokia pepper (aka ghost pepper) are sure to set your taste buds on fire!


Top of the Mountain HoneyTop of the Mountain Honey – Wantage, NJ

Top of the Mountain Honey started beekeeping in 2010. They have locally grown, raw honey offered in a variety of different infused flavors. Their passion stems from the importance of honey bees in the global food chain as well as the health benefits provided from raw local honey.

Bella Mia NaturalsBella Mia Naturals – Sparta, NJ
Each candle from Bella Mia is pure, natural and hand poured. They carry a variety of seasonal scents that burn cleaner, smell better, and last longer than many competing brands.


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