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I must have driven past Green Life Market a hundred times, always meaning to stop, never quite doing it. Boy have I been missing out! I stopped today and am very impressed by the menu, the range of items available in the market and the friendly, helpful and knowledgable staff! I picked up a steamer bowl to go, the spicy Thai, really enjoyed it and can't wait to try some of their other menu items, all real food, not processed junk. Well worth checking out, I wish we had these kinds of markets on every corner.
Warwick, NY
Love this place!! This is my new super market because I know everything Im buying is healthy and clean eating. The deli is awesome I'm crazy about the steam bowls and there salads are awesome. Its not like other health markets everything is healthy with no preservatives and always so fresh. The staff is so friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this place and if you never tried it you go for sure. Oh also there juice bar is the best!!
Ofie K.
West Milford, NJ
Not just a health food store - this is a complete grocery store that specializes in healthy, real food. Very happy to have this place here
Sparta, NJ
Great store with great selection of all organic produce and an awesome selection of supplements and food products. The juice bar and prepared foods are great as well.
I've found Green Life Market to be essential to my pursuit of all things natural. They are an excellent resource for the types of foods and products that I consume on a regular basis. I visit the deli on a regular basis because they offer what I like to eat - very good organic food. I also enjoy my Green Life life-time membership, which gives me 20 percent off on supplements, produce and other items. Cant' get any better than that!
This place is awesome and the staff are super friendly and helpful. The steam bowls are amazing for lunch or dinner- try one- my favorite is the miso flavor with black rice. Juices and smoothies are great too. Plus they have a ton of quality products of all sorts. I always leave with some good energy - it's nice to shop for great products and be treated nice...and see people actually smile 🙂
Tim A
Newfoundland, NJ
Much more than a health food store! Family owned, fresh cooked food, friendly staff. The deli department is great! Great salads, vegan choices, 3 different soups every day, with vegan and gluten free choices as the norm. They put out gluten free and even vegan baked goods almost everyday. Lots of healthy choices for take out, such as organic chicken breasts, cooked green veggies. Their steam bowls are just wonderful! You can choose with black rice or quinoa as a starter and fill with different veggies, then its steamed and add protein and yum! Great smoothie bar too! Highly recommend! I'm always in and out of this place.
Wow it's like a smaller version of Wholefood market condensed with a lot of essentials and yet with a lot of variety. What's better than Whole Foods is that all the produce options are organic. Nothing conventional is mixed in. The prices are better especially with the membership. The membership applies to all 3 locations. There's a deli, eat in dining area, cosmetics, supplements, fresh produce. I remember when the owners started the Butler location 5 years ago and I wrote a great review. This location is larger and even better!
Green Life Market is doing it right. In the last year they have really expanded with their product selections. I recommended a certain brand of pasta that is made in Brooklyn, which is hard to find anywhere. Green Life listened to my request and is now selling the item.
Sparta, NJ
This is by and far the BEST health food market ever!!! Every person that works at this market is so helpful and educated in health and nutrition. I have some food allergies and many intolerances, but my complications are taken in stride by everyone who works here.....a bonus is it's very friendly and personal.

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